About Us

Vision Statement

The City of New Bedford Retirement System is one of 104 contributory retirement systems within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Chapter 32 of the Massachusetts General Laws defines the benefits, contribution requirements, accounting procedures, and funding for all 104 systems. The Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission (PERAC) oversees the systems and ensures that all boards are in compliance with Chapter 32.

The City of New Bedford Retirement Board is responsible for providing all members with information regarding benefits and regulations pertaining to retirement, in addition to overseeing the administration of the office. The Board is made up of 5 members; an Ex-Officio member, 2 elected members, 1 member appointed by the Mayor, and 1 member appointed by the other 4 members.

Mission Statement

To become a retirement benefits leader in member counseling and benefits delivery by embracing technology, supporting staff development, and focusing on member needs.

To provide accurate, timely, and consistent guidance and benefits to members and their beneficiaries in a courteous and professional manner.

To ensure that the investment portfolio is adequately diversified at an acceptable risk level to provide sufficient assets to fund the benefits when due.

Board of Directors

The New Bedford Retirement Board Members are as follows:

Leonard F. Baillargeon, Elected, Chairman
James Kummer, Elected
Emily Arpke, Ex-Officio
Angela M. Natho, Appointed
Christopher Saunders, Esq., Appointed 5th Member


The New Bedford Retirement Staff are as follows:

Eric Cohen, Esq. – Executive Director
Sandra Cardoso – Office Manager
Mary Lou Davis – Administrative Specialist
Sonia Monchique – Financial Analyst

Records Access Officer

Pursuant to Chapter 121 of the Acts of 2016, An Act to Improve Public Records, every Retirement Board must appoint a Records Access Officer to coordinate responses to public records requests.

The Records Access Officer of the City of New Bedford Contributory Retirement System is:

Eric C. Cohen, Esq.
Executive Director
City of New Bedford Retirement Board
651 Orchard Street - #203A
New Bedford, MA 02744-1008

Tel: (508) 979-1538
Fax: (508) 979-1799
Email: ecohen@newbedfordretirement.org

You may make a public record request with the Board’s Records Access Officer in person, or by written request, or by telephone, email or fax.